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Le Grand Chemin (Fred's Place) is a small inexpensive camping with simple facilities in Subligny in the neighbourhood of Avranches (Manche, Normandy and very near to Brittany, France). If you are looking for a peaceful spot in the country and are not too much attached to luxury, then this is the camping you are looking for. The camping has a covered terrace where in the evening regularly a joined BBQ is lighted. The place is no longer a farm but on the property you will find some old farming equipement, some old cars and even an aggregrate from 1955. An Aviary with beautiful birds, a small lake with geese, a goat and two dogs create a pleasant atmosphere around the tents. Of course there are toilets, hot showers and a kitchen for doing the dishes. If you want to impress people with your new fancy camper or caravan then this is not the right place. When you are coming to relax and to enjoy a quiet and pleasant atmosphere then this is the place to be and you are more than welcome.

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The neighbourhood of the camping has a lot to offer:

Fred Marshall is the owner and you will find his slogan on a sign near the entrance:
"It's nice to be nice".

The camping can be found in the ANWB Camping Site as Fred's Place Camping Le Grand Chemin in Subligny (before 2008 in Ste. Pience)

See for more information about the camping also the Address, Prices, Route, Google Map en Contact pages of the site.

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